Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Wheel unvailed at COP15

During COP15 MIT unvailed a hybrid bike (Dec 15 2009) that takes the technologies of hybrid viechels and integrates them into a bike. This bike uses impressive engineering to make a compacted powerful enginee that produces zero emissions and charges itself from downhill movement.

The bike integrate geographic technologies through a iphone platform the connects the the computing system in the the bike wheel via blue tooth technology.
The iphone uses it GPS and internet connection to give you on the fly maps of the area and directions of planned trips. The application also integrates into Facebook soical platform to interconnect you to your firends geographically. If your friend happen to be in the same area as you, the iphone will alret you of them and show you a map of their location. This integrates social media with GPS/GIS. Check out the video.

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