Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting in this morning

This morning, Mark and I thought we would be getting a jump on things by leaving the hostel an hour earlier than we usually do to get to the conference at the Bella Center. We may have to rethink things further. Our commute this morning actually took an hour longer than normal because of train stops and then when we arrived at the Bella Center we saw these enormous lines which dwarf anything we experienced last week.

One description I read said it best, "where last week was bedlam, this week will be chaos." The video below is a snippet of the line we had to wait in to get inside. This is only the line for people with badges, new arrivals to the conference had to wait in another that never perceptibly moved the entire time we were in line. Sorry for the jumpy nature, I left my steadycam back in Sweden this morning...

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