Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lines Part 2

The registration attempt number three was finally successful for me. Arriving at 4:30 in the mourning I found the line already started with five people. The lines quickly grew by 6 AM. This was the lines at 6.

The press has also taken interest in this story sending reporter and new cameras to the site to document what is going on. Questions asked by reporters were " If you don't get registered today what will you do?"

News articles of the crowds forming in the local newspaper. Today they metro station has closed because the masses of people surrounding the area makes the station not able to be used.

The UN also sent out some reps explaining the policy changes of the secondary pass system which went into effect today. Basically each delegation received a set amount of secondary passes needed to enter the Bella Center. The number of passes are less then your total delegation, therefore each delegation has to choose who to send in. The passes can be shared, but only one person can use it at a time. They passed around this memo through the people in the lines.

Many people were unaware of the secondary pass and were turned away. To say they were disappointed is an understatement.

The lines were a hard part of this conference. When I finally made it inside to register, it was a happy moment for me. Spending all day in line for nothing yesterday, till today where I went at 4:30 am to start the line, was all worth it to get my pass into the center.

The UN however did not coordinate this conference well. I hope they learn from COP15 for the COP16. They should either limit number of delegates, or have proper center to host the number of people. The Bella Center is design to hold 15,000 people. On Monday the Center had 40,000 people in it. Today they limited it to 20,000 people cutting off people from entering when the limit is reached.

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