Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winnowing complete

Yesterday, the UN announced that today's attendance from NGO's would be limited to 1,000 people. Many of us took that to mean that no one was going to get in. Sure enough, this morning's programme announced that attendance would be limited to 300 people because of security concerns over there being 110+ heads of state in the Bella Center. Initially, I had tried to make the early train (5:48am) from Sweden to the Bella Center but was foiled by train cancellations due to ice and snow.

Plan B is to find the "alternate" site the Danish government has set up for NGO's off-site.

As Mark suggested late yesterday, if you are wondering about what is at stake here in Copenhagen and how people from around the world feel about it watch the impassioned speech given by the President of Maldives.

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