Monday, December 6, 2010

Disturbing Street Art

Comparatively speaking, the presence of the UN negotiations here in Cancun does not seem to have pervaded the city.  For example, you are more likely to see billboards for Corona beer than anything associated with the negotiations.  In Copenhagen, nearly every advertising space available was plastered with pleas for the negotiators to do their job and deliver on a binding international agreement.  Look a little more closely, however, and there are signs of dissension everywhere. 

I started to notice these posters hanging in out of the way places around town that call for climate justice.  Some of them are pretty amazing.  Apparently they are part of an organized exhibition of street art that is calling for not only a solution to climate change but repudiates capitalism on the grounds that it subjugates people and destroys the environment.  In some ways, this is a direct echo of the perspectives that the ALBA countries that met in Cochabamba last spring advocated.  Climate justice, respect for mother Earth, rights for indigenous peoples, and an abrogation of capitalism. 

So far, I have seen only three of the different posters but have been told there are more than ten designs plastering walls around Cancun.

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