Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Todd Stern, Chief climate negotiator for the U.S., and Connie Hedegaard, chair of COP15 and now the EU climate commissioner, were asked to respond to the Wiki-leaked cables about their efforts to garner support for the Copenhagen Accord (the last-minute non-binding deal that was struck by mainly the wealthy nations last year). Were they evidence of U.S. bullying and bribery tactics?

Stern declined to comment specifically about the leaks, but instead pointed to the 'generous offers of financial assistance' offered by Norway as part of Copenhagen not as bribery, but as exactly how the negotiations should work. Similarly, Hedegaard defended her participation as outreach to less developed countries.

Asked about his thoughts regarding the leaks, The Guardian's John Vidal, who is publishing the stories, had a similar answer (although he doesn't see it in such a positive light): international diplomacy is a "very dirty business" - these cables just put what was suspected on paper.

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