Friday, December 18, 2009

Alternative sites

It's our last day in the greater Copenhagen metroplex. The conference has been shut down to all but the highest level people, so the organizers have set up an alternative site in Copenhagen for NGO delegates. We went there ("The Forum") yesterday to see what was happening, and as you see below, not much.

The Forum seems to be a venue for concerts (Pink, Rammstein and Riverdance are coming) and maybe hockey; it was largely vacant, with a few dozen people watching the large screen tvs of the conference plenaries. Travel around Copenhagen was very slow - trains going through the airport and to Sweden were frequently canceled and packed full.

Today we have decided to stay in Malmo, given the restrictions and snow, and found free wireless for the conference webcast at the beautiful Malmo public library. We have settled in, apparently intuitively, among the Geografi stacks.

Obama has arrived, and the "Informal High Level Event" that he is likely to make his major (?) statement at is about to begin. Stay tuned for any movement to break the stalemate.

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