Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama Arrival to Bella Center: Danish News Coverage

Obama representing the last great hope for progress to be made in a substantive agreement in Copenhagen dominated the Danish news who followed his every move from landing to arrival at the Bella Center.

His plane arriving was carefully covered. Commentary of his arrival was about the "No Fly Zones" around the plane and limos, the secret service, and the presidential seal of the plane. The US president has a soft power unlike any other leader in the world.
Roads were blocked off on the route the president took from the airport to the Bella Center. The entire trip from plane to Bella Center was less then 5 minutes.

The Presidential Limo arriving at the Bella Center.
With the name of Copenhagen being changed to Hopenhagen for the conference, the person who embodies hope is under immense pressure from the world to finalize the Climate Change deal in Copenhagen. With over 110 world leaders all meeting in the same place with the goal of a climate deal, this opportunity is a rare occasion for major progress in the 12 year story of a Climate Deal to solve the worlds problems of global warming.

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